jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Edgar Serrano

     When I paint I feel Powerful because I'm in control of what I put on the canvas that lays before me. You see; painting gives you absolute freedom. When you paint there isn't a set of rules or laws that you must fallow. There isn't one right way to do it and you don’t have to portray any certain idea.

     Art doesn’t have to be literal especially when painting. A painting could make no sense to a person but to you the same painting could express a variety of different feelings in you. Painting allows you to free your mind and your spirit. It allows to express anything you are feeling or thinking, it allows you to let your imagination truly run wild. Paintings don’t have to make sense, yet every painting tells a story.

     With every stroke of the brush, a painter expresses an idea or emotion. Every color can be attached to a memory of childhood events. Every painter may not plan his every brush stroke; but I say those are the true artists because they let the canvas and the brush tell them and guide them to every motion they make. They let their ideas flow from their mind to the canvas before them.

     A true artist/painter does not look forward to creating a masterpiece or seek glory through art. He simply paints for the true passion for art and fascination, which can only be expressed through painting. Any artist who seeks to be famous through their work does not truly love the art. Art is meant to spread ideas, feelings, stories (as we see in many culture hieroglyphs, cavemen, Aztecs, Mayans.), not for greed.
-Edgar Serrano

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

La Moda De Halloween se vistio de Misterio y Romance

Las celebridades se disfrazaron con elegancia, pero ala misma ves con misterio y sensualidad. Si se pueden acordar, en una de las entradas anteriores (FUEGO EN LA SANGRE... LO LLEVAS TU? ), nosotros les anunciamos la venida del encaje, las plumas y sobre todo el color rojo.

Este look fue el que mas se lucio entre tantos estilos.
 Aunque algunos prefieren no dejar ver su mirada.
Vogue 90th Anniversary